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Proof-editing.com provides professional proof reading and editing services to professors, teachers, researchers, students and to several business clients who might want their official work proof read before submitting them for evaluation or whatsoever. The website believes in providing dedicated service for scientific and academic requirements for writers of PhD thesis, journals, books, essays, professional writings and scientific papers on research and loads more.

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The prices charged are affordable and fixed for every thousand words and they don't vary depending on the complexity of the topic. Many senior academicians and researchers have benefited from the services by getting their write ups, articles or research papers edited and proof read. The website professes to thoroughly evaluate their proof readers' work body regularly and thus it ensures that they are providing their services according to the best of their abilities. They also guarantees effective services and complete satisfaction and in case the client is not satisfied, they can have their work proof read again or get their money back.


July 2014
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